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About Us

We provide multinationals with expansive network reach and a diverse suite of cloud networking services, securely connecting them to services, applications and cloud service providers around the world.

We are committed to redefining enterprise communications, providing clients with the services and capabilities that drive productivity across their organizations.  We offer a comprehensive portfolio of wide area networking, Internet, managed services and voice services, which we back with a superior service experience that is built on our  core values of simplicity, speed and agility.

HNTelco was founded as a local alternative to the stagnated service providers that existed in Honduras. We utilize state of the art technology and overseas alliances to push connectivity in Central America to a competitive level. HNTelco offers services for corporate and residential clients.

Our services are backed by highly qualified support personnel ready to help and offer the fastest possible solution to issues our clients have.

Our Features

Leading Managed Services Capabilities

Our Managed Services pair expertise with efficiency. Our offerings include Managed Network services, comprised of CPE supply, proactive monitoring, and end-to-end management, as well as multi-layered security services, managed secure access and customized compliance offerings.


We are fast and responsive, providing expedited turnarounds on proposals, rapid implementation and an efficient support process.

Direct Connections to Cloud Service Providers

Our PoPs are located in the top data centers in world, where we directly and securely connect clients to cloud service providers, such as Google, IBM Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, guaranteeing the highest possible performance for mission-critical applications and services.