HNTelco Adds Telia As A Provider

HNTelco is a new generation of telecommunication that connects people around the world, changing the way businesses function and people communicate. Constantly updating service to stay ahead of the competition, improving to fight against any obstacle or challenge that would come their way. With the goal of providing the best connectivity for all users HNTelco now adds Telia Company as a provider, ensuring connections are even more reliable 24 / 7 / 365. Connecting the world even further, that’s HNTelco’s focus. Empowering businesses to stay in touch with their clients, providers and other business partners. The Telia Company is a

Differences Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting

These are key differences between shared and dedicated hosting. Sites Hosted on the Server: With a shared hosting package, there are other sites that are hosted on the server along with your website while dedicated hosting plan will only have your website hosted on the server. Bandwidth/Disk Space: With shared hosting, total disk space and bandwidth is limited and distributed between various users. With dedicated hosting, bandwidth and disk space are dedicated to you so that all storage and bandwidth is available for you to use. Costs: With shared hosting, operating costs are divided up among the users which makes

Compelling Reasons to Consider IPv6

Here are some compelling reasons to consider using IPv6: More Efficient Routing IPv6 reduces the size of routing tables and makes routing more efficient and hierarchical. IPv6 allows ISPs to aggregate the prefixes of their customers’ networks into a single prefix and announce this one prefix to the IPv6 Internet. In addition, in IPv6 networks, fragmentation is handled by the source device, rather than the router, using a protocol for discovery of the path’s maximum transmission unit (MTU). More Efficient Packet Processing IPv6’s simplified packet header makes packet processing more efficient. Compared with IPv4, IPv6 contains no IP-level checksum, so

Verizon Customer Data was Available for Download by Anyone

As many as 14 million records of subscribers who called Verizon customer services in the past six months were found on an unprotected Amazon S3 storage server controlled by Nice Systems. This data was downloadable by anyone. The security firm UpGuard discovered the data breach and told Verizon. It took over a week before the data was eventually secured. The customer records were contained in log files  generated when Verizon customers called customer service. These interactions are recorded, obtained, and analyzed by Nice. Verizon uses Nice input to verify account holders and to improve customer service. Each record included a

Data Backup

Data backup is one of the most important areas of IT and yet is also one of the most ignored. Backing up means making a copy of your most important files; this can then be used if the original copy is lost. Preferably the second copy should be held at a different location to the original and be kept in a secure environment. Data loss can happen in many ways (Hardware failure, accidental error, theft or natural disasters). Combine this with the fact most people save data to just one place and the growing numbers of computer viruses. This is

New 32-Bit SRAMs

Alliance Memory has introduced a new 8Mb and 16Mb 32 bit devices in order to satisfy they growing demand for high-density fast CMOS SRAM. These new devices are in the 90-ball 8mm x 13mm TFBGA (Thin Profile Fine Pitch Ball Grid Array) package. This array is provided as a space saving alternative to the larger 119 ball packages. The SRAMs provide low power consumption and operate from a single power supply of 3.3V. Samples and production quantities of the new fast SRAMs are available now, with lead times of eight weeks for production quantities.

ENEE and EEH Investigation

Honduran President, Juan Orlando, has ordered an investigation into the EEH (Empresa Energia Honduras) and their management/distribution of electrical energy in Honduras. EEH amused control from ENEE (Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica) back in August. The president wants and investigation into the corruption and people benefiting from the miss management from both EEH and ENEE. This is following the resent increase in Hondurans energy bill while at the same time having sectors with frequent power outages that can last up to 5 hours each day. Juan Orlando Hernandez has stated that he will give names and positions of those that

New and Sports Sites Open to Attack

Careful where you get your sports and general new from while your online. It has been documented that only 10% of news and sports websites used basic security protocols such as HTTPS and TLS. And those that do are usually not using the latest, most secure, version of the protocols. A study found that websites of computer and technology companies, as well as financial organizations have a much higher level of security protocol adoption than shopping and gaming sites. Now news and sports sites are even below shopping and gaming sites, having some of the lowest adoption levels. These sites

Simple Tips to Make the Most of Websites

Clean. Ads, banners, icons, badges, signs, pop-ups, buttons, there is a lot of distractions. Clean up your site to make sure people visiting it can focus on the content. Try to keep everything simple with only your most important content spotlighted to ensure people are reading what they should. Research. Look at other sites, identify what you like about them and try to implement it into yours. Whatever it is you find appealing, think about how you can make implement it into your own website’s design. Also see what you dislike to know what to avoid when designing your own.

Central American Talks in Florida

The vice-president and key members of Trumps cabinet are scheduled to meet in Miami, with Central America being the focus of the discussions. This is part of the USA continued commitment to the region, after Trumps 2018 budget plan called for cuts for aid to this region. Honduras and El Salvador losing a third of support. Guatemala would lose 40% of aid. The presidents from these three nations and representatives of Mexico, who is co-sponsoring the meeting, will be attending this meeting. Mexico will also be affected by the US budget plan, having its aid reduced by almost half. Talks