Why ISP DDoS Services Typically Fail?

What is a DDoS Attack? 

Distributed denial of service is known as a cyber-attack on a specific server or network, with the intended purpose of disrupting its normal operation. A DDos attack does this by flooding the targeted network or server with a constant flood of traffic such as dishonest request which overwhelms the system causing a disruption to traffic. This stops normal business operations by slowing down or even taking the website offline or affecting an application’s performance and availability as well.


Failing protection

The attacks on businesses are increasing, it’s important to understand that your ISP should be able to provide protection against these threats. Attackers have reached their level of maturity and efficiency taking advantages of the increased value and business vulnerability through their online presence. Relying on an ISP to block attacks isn’t scalable, organizations dependent on manual base protection are also not fully protected from todays threat.


HNTelco’s DDos protection

Businesses have never been more connected and dependent on the availability of websites and online services. HNTelco combines all the necessary protection tools to make businesses withstand a cyber-attack, providing their customers advanced DDoS prevention. A defense against malicious attack and a protection from fast moving threats. Our DDoS protection system provides mitigation of all existing types of DDoS attacks. Delivering powerful visibility and traffic intelligence, to help customers not only understand their own environment, but threat actors, their tools, behaviors and campaigns on a global basis. HNTelco provides their customers with real-time protection in automated fashion. Quick response and accuracy from a team of experts, delivering a high degree of protection even for the most sophisticated attacks.