HNTelco Joins Columbus Networks de Honduras

C&W Business


A leading telecommunications company, with a team of experts that provide flexible and scalable IT solutions that go beyond prescribed services. Minimizing risks and helping reduce downtime for any size of customers. A network designed with enough capacity and durability meeting all the regions and beyond. Offering comprehensive solutions that enable organizations of any kind to achieve their goals. A highly performance networks and IT solutions to enable companies to stay at a competitive level and embrace the digital transformation.


Expanding Network Connectivity


As relationships become more and more essential to business, HNTelco does what it takes to grow their networks. Networking can be a means to move toward your future goals. HNTelco is constantly monitor and optimize their network to deliver the best service.  Now currently joining and working along with Columbus Networks, providing solutions and service included enterprise-grade connectivity. Enabling HNTelco to grow and expand in all kinds of regions. Connecting fast, with secure and reliable network service. Growing to meet the needs of HNTelco customers with superior network quality standards. Be part of this highly performance team, the road to your business success.