The Top Causes of Website Crashes

There are endless reasons why websites experience an outage. Every minute that your website is down is a minute a potential client or customer moves on to another site that is working properly. It can cost your business a lot of money, regardless of what your company is about things can go wrong, bringing your website down sooner or later. Knowing the main causes will help to prepare and prevent future outages. Listed below are the following top causes of website crashes.


  • Poor Quality Hosting

Most web hosting providers advertise uptime. The lack of reliable hosting is one of the leading contributors to website downtime. Website crashes can happen when your host provider experiences server troubles. All website owners should always keep that in mind.

  • Coding

A bad piece of code could disrupt a single page or take down an entire website. Coders should get in the habit of double checking their work for errors. The best way to protect a website is investing in a third-party website monitoring service.

  • Hackers

One of the easiest hacker’s attacks is called a DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service attack. This means the hacker overwhelms your website with traffic from all kinds of sources. If the hacker is successful, your website will crash.


  • DNS Connection

A slow connection from the server to the Domain Name System can cause a website to crash. You should make sure that your website is registered and pointing to the correct IP address.

  • Too much Traffic

Make sure that your server can handle a sudden rush of traffic so that your website doesn’t crash. A victim of too many people visiting your website at once. Temporary upgrades during high season or blocking visitors after a certain amount are already on the site can prevent these types of problems from occurring.

  • Plugins

They are additional pieces of code and software plugged in to your website, giving it additional functions or features. They are not always the most stably built, well-made or updated frequently enough, which can sometimes lead to crashing the whole website.


Things like this may occur to your website, its avoidable. Staying calm and working with your service provider are paramount to get your website back up and running as soon as possible. That’s the key to success and if your current provider can’t help, you should always consider a better service provider like HNTelco.