Social Media For Customer Service

Social Media for Customer Service: The Pros and Cons

Within the past couple of years companies have figured out how to take social media customer service at a much higher level. Social media has a mayor influence on society, connecting people all around the world. Its not just about technology is has become a phenomenon.

When looking at customers expectations and the way that is changing, every year those expectations are get higher. It is important to listen to what your customers are saying and the kind of feed their going to give back. Social media can be the quickest form of communication, interacting and humanizing your brand. Take a look at the benefits and disadvantages of engaging customer via social media.




An instant response to a customer’s issues in social media will lead to potential business growth. A satisfied customer will be loyal to your business and will expand your well-known services to everyone around them.



Produced content that offers more information for customers, once you know it they will be part of your business. Customers are frequently changing brands just to get better customer service. Be that company that will provide what people are looking for in that moment. Updating and sharing with users to what they are looking for, the more your brand can expand.



Social media is basically free to start with, very low cost and more effective compared to traditional call centers. Saving money and maintaining your customers well satisfied with social media.




Your company will be at risk of a long list of customer care channels, this could cause your brand voice to weaken. Different social media networks don’t work with each other, you might get into a mess in a lot of these websites at the same time.


With so many digital channels and even more coming, the risk of information overload is higher as you try to stay on top of all conversations about your brand taking place online.


Social media is the place where information runs quickly, meaning that there’s no place to hide customer complaint creating bad reviews on your business.


Success comes from taking risks and choosing what’s best for your business, comparing both benefits and risks. Take a look at what better suits your business. Social media can be a powerful business tool. It’s clear that the pros outweigh the cons and if you’re undecided, the simple fact above can’t be ignored.