If An ISP Won’t Provide A Written SLA, Then Walk Away

What is a Service Level Agreement?

It’s the contract you enter with an ISP when using their service. This agreement defines the service’s contents offered to the customer, within the specified timeline. Businesses use the SLA as a tool to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the service delivery as well as a tool for continuous improvement of the services offered to the customer.


Why have an SLA?

The SLA expresses, in writing, the specific expectations of the service relationship, including a minimum uptime percentage that the ISP should meet. The risk of business failure or productivity loss are transferred from your business to your provider with a rapid solution. An outstanding level of your IT performance services, flexibility and reliability is guaranteed, giving you enough time to focus on the core of your business. Your entire infrastructure will be covered, SLA provides you with online telephones, emails and on-site support in addition to other deliverables, keeping your customers satisfied. Service uptime is a key factor when considering an internet service provider, lower uptime guarantees mean more potential outages and service disruptions, which can completely cripple your ability to function in the new connected business environment. If your business needs to keep their IT infrastructure up and running without downtime, HNTelco is here to help.