Internet Connection’s Real Cost

Global data usage in business is rising every year which means that the demand for bandwidth and fast Internet is only going to increase. It has become clear that fast internet speed and reliability is a must-have for any business to succeed.   Businesses of all sizes need a fast internet access, but unreliable internet connection can end up costing a lot of money. Besides the monthly access and services fees to your internet service provider, there are other less obvious but more costly expenses. If your business has slow internet or downtime, there are hidden costs that you have to consider. The costs that make running an ISP expensive are technical support staffing, infrastructure upkeep, and expansion. Traditional internet service providers (ISPs) have set themselves up to let us down with temporarily discounted fees that always go up, and a lack of choice.


Reduced Business productivity

Slow internet affects your employee’s productivity and customer service, reducing the effectiveness to solve your client’s problems or to reach those company milestones needed to grow.


Lower business profits

Dropped or slow connections can result in customers looking for alternatives, effectively cutting down your user base significantly. Lower number of users means lower profits.


Increased employment stress

Downtime affects your team working habits and motivation as well. Constant contact with disgruntled customers can cause higher stress for your staff, reducing work effectiveness which causes more problems; creating a vicious cycle of problems and stress for customers and employees alike.

Trusting HNTelco as your internet service provider elevates your business above the level of your competitors. Avoiding downtime and providing fast and reliable internet that delivers 99.99% uptime. HNTelco provides services and packages according to your business needs, ensuring your business runs properly and scales up to success.

provides services and packages according to your business needs. Ensuring your business runs properly and scales up to success.