The Top Causes of Website Crashes

There are endless reasons why websites experience an outage. Every minute that your website is down is a minute a potential client or customer moves on to another site that is working properly. It can cost your business a lot of money, regardless of what your company is about things can go wrong, bringing your website down sooner or later. Knowing the main causes will help to prepare and prevent future outages. Listed below are the following top causes of website crashes.   Poor Quality Hosting Most web hosting providers advertise uptime. The lack of reliable hosting is one of

SSL Certificates: Which One is For You?

What is an SSL Certificate? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer it is a worldwide standard security technology system that allows for the encryption of communication between web browsers and web servers. It protects sensitive information such as credit card numbers or other personal data. SSL certificates ensure that information doesn’t fall into the hands of third parties who could interfere with the data. So, choosing the right SSL certificate should not be an afterthought, but a must, to instill trust and confidence in your website. Paid vs. Free SSL Certificates A free, secure connection to a website doesn’t guarantee

Social Media For Customer Service

Social Media for Customer Service: The Pros and Cons Within the past couple of years companies have figured out how to take social media customer service at a much higher level. Social media has a mayor influence on society, connecting people all around the world. Its not just about technology is has become a phenomenon. When looking at customers expectations and the way that is changing, every year those expectations are get higher. It is important to listen to what your customers are saying and the kind of feed their going to give back. Social media can be the quickest

If An ISP Won’t Provide A Written SLA, Then Walk Away

What is a Service Level Agreement? It’s the contract you enter with an ISP when using their service. This agreement defines the service’s contents offered to the customer, within the specified timeline. Businesses use the SLA as a tool to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the service delivery as well as a tool for continuous improvement of the services offered to the customer.   Why have an SLA? The SLA expresses, in writing, the specific expectations of the service relationship, including a minimum uptime percentage that the ISP should meet. The risk of business failure or productivity loss are

Get Hooked to an ISP

For businesses selecting an internet service provider is much more complicated than just choosing the lower price. The internet has become one of the top sales and marketing channels for businesses. An ISP should provide your enterprise with the proper connectivity it needs to maintain business continuity and productivity. The wrong ISP can cause poor connection quality, traffic issues, connection speed, and many other problems that affect a business’ ability to work properly. Connectivity problems with your ISP can be related to latency which can compromise the speed of a connection. Unfortunately, along the road getting the result you expect

Internet Connection’s Real Cost

Global data usage in business is rising every year which means that the demand for bandwidth and fast Internet is only going to increase. It has become clear that fast internet speed and reliability is a must-have for any business to succeed.   Businesses of all sizes need a fast internet access, but unreliable internet connection can end up costing a lot of money. Besides the monthly access and services fees to your internet service provider, there are other less obvious but more costly expenses. If your business has slow internet or downtime, there are hidden costs that you have to

Losing Sales When Your Internet Service Provider Goes Down

There are three important keys for a business’ success: reliable service, service cost and customer service. Without these services businesses can’t communicate with any of their customers, business partners nor their own team. To quantify downtime there are two primary factors: productivity losses and business losses. Productivity losses can affect an individual’s or the workgroup’s productivity, while business losses affect transactions or cause customer losses. Calculating both reveals wasted expenses and lost revenue. Some companies invest heavily, but the investment doesn’t always deliver the expected outcome. So, while IT professionals within your service provider confront downtime and try to get

Why ISP DDoS Services Typically Fail?

What is a DDoS Attack?  Distributed denial of service is known as a cyber-attack on a specific server or network, with the intended purpose of disrupting its normal operation. A DDos attack does this by flooding the targeted network or server with a constant flood of traffic such as dishonest request which overwhelms the system causing a disruption to traffic. This stops normal business operations by slowing down or even taking the website offline or affecting an application’s performance and availability as well.   Failing protection The attacks on businesses are increasing, it’s important to understand that your ISP should

How To Do A Proper Internet Speed Test?

Internet connects people around the world, helping communities work and evolve. The internet is constantly changing, how we use it and where we use it to connect are in a state of continuous change.  As it moves forward, ISP and network-based companies are increasing their toolset to accomplish and meet their users’ needs. No one wants a poor internet connection There are many reasons why your internet connection is running slow, it can be caused by the broadband router configuration errors, wireless interference or other technical problems. Whatever the reason may be, if you’re still experiencing issues with slow internet

HNTelco Joins Columbus Networks de Honduras

C&W Business   A leading telecommunications company, with a team of experts that provide flexible and scalable IT solutions that go beyond prescribed services. Minimizing risks and helping reduce downtime for any size of customers. A network designed with enough capacity and durability meeting all the regions and beyond. Offering comprehensive solutions that enable organizations of any kind to achieve their goals. A highly performance networks and IT solutions to enable companies to stay at a competitive level and embrace the digital transformation.   Expanding Network Connectivity   As relationships become more and more essential to business, HNTelco does what